Heavy Rain and Strong Winds


Valid from 07:00 Tuesday 27th until 23:59 Wednesday 28th October (subject to change)

Generally overcast with heavy rain, strong winds and low cloud

Good morning.

We have already started to receive messages regarding a Hurricane that looks set to move towards the British Isles.

Firstly, it will not be a Hurricane by the time it pushes across cooler waters of the Atlantic. Secondly it will be classed as an ex tropical storm.

At present, the track based on latest data models is it to steer more towards northern Scotland and Iceland.

It is still too early to state what type of conditions will impact the Southwest for example how much rain, winds and potentially disruption.

These types of Low-Pressure systems are not rare and we see deepening areas of Low-Pressure every winter.

One thing for sure is that it will be windy and a period of rain or heavy blustery showers will be expected to impact us.

I will try to give you as much detailed information come Sunday in my week ahead but until then, please don’t panic based on click bait tabloids doing their scaremongering headlines as always.

Please take note that the timing, wind strengths and just what impact this will have is wide open to change this far off.

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Dean Lanick

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