Good afternoon!

There are no active weather warnings at this time.

Good morning everyone,

A wet start to the day for most this morning. There is a chance of light rain throughout the day. The risk is lower in the afternoon and most areas should see some dry spells.

The cloud will be around all day and night, with a higher chance of rain early tomorrow morning across both counties.

The breeze, which will be strongest for coastal areas, will make it feel a couple of degrees colder than it is.

Humidity: 92%

Pressure: 1021mb

Visibility: Good during the day, becoming moderate over night

Have a fantastic day!


After a cold start of around 5 degrees for more inland areas, both counties will see daytime highs of 11 degrees. Tonight will be on the milder side with temperatures around 9 to 10 degrees


3mph to 23mph. Coastal areas will see the highest windspeeds
Wind Direction: Westerly throughout the day and night

For a glimpse of tomorrow, see tomorrow’s forecast below the Photo of the Day.

Jane Swain

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Tomorrow's Forecast
Cornwall & Devon
  • 10°
  • 8 to 19 mph
  • SW
Dorset & Hampshire
  • 11°
  • 7 to 17 mph
  • SW
Somerset & Wiltshire
  • 6 to 15 mph
  • SW

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