Hay Fever Pollen Forecasts

Annual Hay Fever Forecasts - When will they return and be included in our forecasts for 2021....
Tin mine stack in Illogan ,Cornwall by Jo Morris

Good morning all.

Pollen allergies are seasonal, mainly occurring between late February until late June/early July.

Hay fever can be triggered very early on into the new year, with people often confusing the symptoms for those of a common cold. Most of the population start to suffer affects from March and can continue until September, depending on weather conditions and late bloom.

I am pleased to confirm our Pollen forecasts will return from Monday 15th of March and will continue until Sunday 5th of September 2021. This will be included in your daily forecasts only so if you suffer, it might be wise to check out our daily forecasts.

Currently tree pollen will be the first to trigger those who suffer and is low at present but will start to increase over the coming weeks. Grass pollen and other shrub pollen will follow from late March into April.

Spring is upon us so make sure if you suffer from Hay Fever, you get your medication stocked up now, ready to help ease symptoms as and when they start.

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