Due to the recent warm and dry weather coupled with these winds, Dartmoor National Park and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue are urging the general public not to light barbecues or campfires.

The Met Office’s Fire Severity Index (FSI) assesses how severe a fire could become if one should break out. The FSI shows the current days fire severity risk and forecasts the risk over the next 5 days.

The index values range from 1-5 with 1 being a low fire severity and 5 being extremely high fire severity. Dartmoor is currently at high. This is likely to change to extremely high over the coming days as this warm, dry weather sets to continue.

Dartmoor wildfires can and will spread extremely fast taking in a huge area which of course puts not only cattle, sheep and ponies at risk, but also ground nesting birds and farms and communities who live on the moor.

So please, enjoy the moor, but look after it too!

The photos below show the damage barbecues do, and this was a couple of years ago when Dartmoor was lush and green, now it is tinder dry so make sandwiches, not fires!!

Dean Lanick

Dean Lanick

Dean started UK Southwest Storm Chasers back on the 24th of October 2013, mainly just as an informational page for friends and family. His main interest weather wise is Thunderstorms and Tornadoes and away from weather related, he has two dogs called Bella and Nora. He hopes the site helps to bolster the community-like feeling throughout SWUK that sometimes feels lost in these hectic modern times.

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