Just thought I’d touch base with you all regarding the current weather situation and where we are with it.

Firstly I do hope we get a decent amount of storms throughout the 2020 season to chase especially now were all set up ready to intercept and potentially chase bringing you live streams along with some additional new camera equipment to capture them.

Looking at the last 3 years of weather patterns and storms, the last week of May has been explosive in the Southwest but this year isn’t looking too good.

Maybe a week late maybe not but feeling optimistic that it will fire up soon once the English Channel rises is temperature to help build potential storms. Time will tell for sure and we will continue to bring you the latest forecasts on all weather.

Picture edit from a chase last week in mid Devon heading east where parts of Devon & Cornwall were hit.

Dean Lanick

Dean Lanick

Dean started UK Southwest Storm Chasers back on the 24th of October 2013, mainly just as an informational page for friends and family. His main interest weather wise is Thunderstorms and Tornadoes and away from weather related, he has two dogs called Bella and Nora. He hopes the site helps to bolster the community-like feeling throughout SWUK that sometimes feels lost in these hectic modern times.

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