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Not weather related but I did promise you all an update!

So, one of my ewes decided I should start the day in a rather dramatic fashion! She had a prolapse, which I was unable to get back in and I feared she had a condition called ring womb. In simple terms this is when the cervix will not relax and open to allow the normal birth of the lambs. The vet confirmed my suspicions and there was only one thing for it, a C section.

She had an epidural, the same as when ladies are going to give birth, and local anaesthetic along her tummy where the opening will be made. We pulled out twin lambs from her and stitched her back up and put the prolapse back where it should be.

Good news and bad. The ewe rejected her lambs, which unfortunately is quite common in c sections. She also had no colostrum, which is vital for the lambs as soon as possible after birth as it contains essential antibodies to protect the lamb from any nasties. But these days a powdered form is available and although it is not as good as the real thing, it’s better than nothing at all.

Sadly, the littlest lamb did not make it but the other one is doing good and is feeding well and is strong and lively! Mum is doing ok, but bless her, feeling a bit shell shocked!

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